Our Technology

Raw materials

ANAMAS carefully and meticulously selects the spring steel wire materials used in spring production. Spring steel wires are supplied from both domestic and foreign suppliers whose quality is world-renowned. Our company, which uses raw materials in international norms, responds quickly to customer expectations with its rich material stock.


Raw Materials We Use in International Norms;
DIN EN 10270-1 Norm: Patent annealed, cold drawn unalloyed B, C, D quality spring steel wires
DIN EN 10270-2 Norm: Oil tempered, static and dynamic spring steel wires
DIN EN 10270-3 Norm: Stainless spring steel wires



Our company produces cold wound Compression, Tensile and Compressing Springs, Felt Springs, Segments and a wide variety of Form Springs from 0.20mm to 13.00mm wire diameter for all kinds of industrial applications. In our factory, precision production is carried out by using the latest high-tech CNC spring benches and devices. The controls of the produced springs are made with precision measuring instruments and devices that have been calibrated with precision and competence in accordance with international standards. Appropriate sensitivity and tolerances are selected according to the usage characteristics, and the necessary processes for the production of the spring are designed and the spring is produced in line with the customer's requests.