Winding Springs

Winding Springs

Compression springs are springs made of circular or rectangular wire wound around an axis at a certain step in the right or left direction, storing energy in the angular direction or in the winding direction, and working by the rotation of one of the spring arms around the spring body. The cocking springs resist the forces applied in the direction of rotation and torsion. Widely used coil springs are widely used, especially in the automotive industry, as they have few moving parts and have a long life. They are used in suspension systems in automobiles or pickup trucks, and work with the stretching and compression processes by moving with the vehicle to ensure that the wheel is properly attached to the ground.

As Anamas Yay company, we produce wire form springs with wire diameters from 0.20 mm to 13.00 mm. In particular, the production of springs with wire diameters from 0.30 mm to 8.00 mm is produced untouched by the latest technology CNC machines.

What are the Usage Areas of Winding Springs?

The usage areas of the winding springs, which have a springable mechanism, are as follows;

  • It is used in watches, toys and many mechanical devices.
  • It is used to provide comfortable driving in the suspension systems of vehicles.
  • It is used for opening beds, sofas, armchairs, chairs, covers and drawers.
  • Winding springs are used in applications such as controlling machines, opening doors in industrial devices.
  • Springs are used in the opening and closing of the landing gear of the aircraft and in the smooth movement of the aircraft control surfaces.
  • It is used in medical devices, especially blood glucose meters, insulin pumps.